Waterproofing/Weather Barrier


Bituthene® 4000 System  Below GradeBituthene® 4000 System

Below Grade

Self-adhesive 60 mil HDPE waterproofing membrane with super tacky compound for use with patented, water-based System 4000 Surface Conditioner (included with roll).

Available in:

  • 36″ x 67′ Rolls

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MasterSeal 615/700B Semi-Mastic700BMasterSeal 615/700B Semi-Mastic

(Brush or Spray)

MasterSeal 615/700B is a cold-applied water-based emulsified-asphalt dampproofing and vapor-retarding coatings for use on “green” or slightly damp surfaces. MasterSeal 615/700B is reinforced with short fibers for application by brush or spray.

Available in:

  • 5 Gallon pail

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Weather Barrier:

Wall Membrane  Above GradeWall Membrane

Above Grade

Self-adhesive, rubberized asphalt/polyethylene waterproofing membrane for air and vapor barrier applications.

Available in:

  • 36″ x 75′ Rolls

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WB Primer PlusWB Primer Plus

A water-based latex surface treatment that is specifically formulated to bind site dust and concrete efflorescence, thereby providing a suitable surface for the adhesion of Perm-A-Barrier Wall Flashing.

Available in:

  • 1 Gallon pail
  • 5 Gallon pail

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Trim TapeTrim Tape

Heavy polyethylene backed tape with high tack adhesive for securing film around metal window frames. UV resistance ensures clean removal for up to 30 days. Easy to unwind and tear.

Available in:

  • 2″ x 60 yard Rolls

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