Glass Block

Glass Block Styles:

Glass Block NubioNubio

Intersecting random wave pattern, provides an attractive appearance and excellent privacy. Smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning. Matching designers shapes provide beauty and flexibility to create angles, curves or finished jambs and/or heads.

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Glass Block ClarityClarity

This see-through block provides a dramatic grid effect, undistorted vision and maximum light transmission.

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Glass Block Cross RibbedCross Ribbed

Vertical ribs on one face and horizontal on the other for excellent privacy.

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Glass Block Accessories:

K-1 Glass Block Mortar Mix

K-1 Mortar Mix is specifically formulated and blended for use in “grout bag” mortar applications, primarily in mortaring and tuckpointing of joints in thin brick and panel brick applications.

Available in:

  • 80 lb bag

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Glass Block Wire ReinforcingGlass Block Wire Reinforcing

Manufactured to the same specification as ladder type material except distance between longitudinal wire is 1-5/8″ or 2″ and cross wires are located 8″ apart. Continuous reinforcement insures structurally sound glass block masonry. Wire Reinforcing is used for panels over 25 sq ft in area. Embed horizontally in the mortar joints between every other course.

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Glass Block Panel AnchorGlass Block Panel Anchors

Panel anchors provide support to standard glass block panels. Spaced and installed according to specification. Panel Anchors are used to tie glass blocks panels into the surrounding framework.

Available in:

  • 2′ long x 1-3/4″ wide
  • 20 gauge

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Glass Block SpacerGlass Block SpacerGlass Block Spacers

Spacers assure uniform placement and helps keep panel flush.

Available in:

  • Standard – 4″ wide
  • Thinline® – 3″ wide

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Prefabricated Panels:

Glass Block PanelsGlass Block Panel


Colors, Textures and Custom Sizes Available – Call us today!

Glass Block Panel


Colors, Textures and Custom Sizes Available – Call us today!

glass-blockGlass Block Panel

(Dryer Vent)

Colors, Textures and Custom Sizes Available – Call us today!