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Masonry Use:

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Grouting has now become simple!!! Put away your shovels and your buckets, the  GROUT GRUNT™ effectively and efficiently place mixed grout, or any other high density material in CMU 50% faster than conventional methods. And it’s much cleaner. Made from injected, molded, high-density plastic, the GROUT GRUNT™ will withstand your toughest jobs.

  • Lightweight design holds up to 50 pounds.
  • Excellent for low-lift grouting, no pump set-up, hoses or clean-up.
  • Great for extended-set grout, mortar, pea stone, sand and water.
  • The safer way to hand deliver grout – faster and easier!
  • Saves time (up to 50% faster) – makes money!
  • Designed for the user – ergonomically friendly!
  • Grout cleaner – no more stains on walls!

 Designed BY a mason for a mason!

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Other Uses:


Around the home, around the yard, around the farm, or around the workplace, use the GROUT GRUNT™ products any time you need to transfer loose material the easy way. Grout Grunt™ weighs under 3 pounds empty and holds up to 0.5 cubic feet of material with each scoop. The new, improved Grout Grunt II weighs just 2 pounds empty and holds up to 15% more.

  • Emergency Situations:
    • Fast, efficient sandbag filling for flood control or ballast
    • Also performs as a large-volume water bailer for basements, boats and more.
    • Ask about our Quick Ship Program!
  • Gardening & Yard Work: Fill pots, move soil and pea gravel, fill postholes, scoop granular fertilizers, birdseed and more
  • Farm, Zoo, Livestock and Pet Owners: Makes feeding and watering less labor intensive.
  • Construction Job Sites: Handle materials with ease
  • Bulk Material Handling: Better than buckets!
  • Maintenance Tool: Easily clean up material spill accidents in your retail, commercial or industrial facility
  • Recreational Use: Out-digs toy-size scoops for the beach, sandbox and more!

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sidebar“Our men prefer the Grout Grunt to five-gallon buckets. We have discovered that in tight places we use the Grunts instead of shovels for the mortar as well as the grout. They help control clean up better by less spillage. Easy to clean for next day use. Our employees love them!”
David Masterson
“Just wanted to give you some feedback on your new and improved Grout Grunt II scoop. We did a small job (only 18 yards of grout) and were undecided whether to call in a concrete truck or just make it ourselves. We decided to make it ourselves and to scoop it in the wall with your Grout Grunt II scoops. We saved money doing it this way. The scoop is easy to use and keeps everybody working as a team. It is very easy to clean and can be left up on the scaffold ready to be used when you need it. Thanks for a product that is simple yet so effective for grouting.”
Jim Bertetto
B&P Mason“How could something so simple be so cost effective? As a business owner and field worker, I have one thing to say: ‘More Grout, Less Grunt!”
Paul Cantarella
Cantarella & Son, Inc.“The Grout Grunt – and now Grout Grunt II – has made grouting easier, cleaner and faster! It has made grouting in cold weather a breeze. My men ask for them on every job!”
Steven Agazzi
Agazzi Development, LLC“When a grout pump is unable to be used on site, my guys will use the Grout Grunt. The Grout Grunt minimizes waste and allows my men to work more efficiently. It also saves time versus using a trowel or bucket, and cleanup at the end of the day is easier as well.”
Toni Murar
Foti Contracting

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